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The Jcurve Referral Program

Ready to Cash in on Your Connections?

Welcome to the Jcurve Referral Programme page. To join as a referrer in Singapore, please fill in your details on the form, and we will get in touch with you promptly.

Why participate in our referral programme?

Expand Your Income

ERP deals are substantial, and by merely referring a contact, you'll earn 5% of the first-year licence fee. It's an effective and effortless way to boost your income in Singapore.

Hassle-Free Experience

You won't need to engage in the sales process. Just provide us with the contact details, and enjoy the benefits after a successful deal.

Quick Commission Payout

Receive your commission within 30 days following the sale's conclusion.

Assist Others in Achieving Success

Our solutions empower companies in Singapore to accelerate growth and enhance efficiency. By recommending Jcurve to your clients or a friend's business, you're aiding them in gearing up for future achievements.

Who Should You Refer?

If you are acquainted with a company in Singapore that could benefit from our ERP solutions, please consider referring them to us. There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can suggest, nor a cap on the commission you can earn.

Begin referring as many contacts as possible without worry; we’re more than ready to undertake the groundwork.