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NetSuite ERP

The world’s favourite Enterprise Resource Planning solution

When it comes to ERP solutions tailored for midsized companies in Singapore, there is no better platform than NetSuite ERP by Oracle. It is designed to optimise your business operations, enabling greater efficiency and faster growth. At Jcurve, we are eager to help you harness the power of NetSuite ERP for your business.

Jcurve Solutions, your NetSuite Solutio Provider

NetSuite ERP

The world’s favourite Enterprise Resource Planning solution

When it comes to ERP solutions tailored for midsized companies in Singapore, there is no better platform than NetSuite ERP by Oracle. It is designed to optimise your business operations, enabling greater efficiency and faster growth. At Jcurve, we are eager to help you harness the power of NetSuite ERP for your business.

Jcurve Solutions, your NetSuite Solutio Provider

What NetSuite ERP can do for your business in Singapore?

Every business executive in Singapore strives for growth. It signifies success and opens new opportunities, revenue streams, and improved cash flow. However, growth also brings complexity and challenges in managing information flow across your team. Often, expanding businesses end up with disjointed systems that don’t communicate effectively, hindering data-driven decision-making.

NetSuite ERP, a comprehensive cloud-based business management platform, empowers you to operate more efficiently by automating your processes. It offers real-time visibility into your operational and financial performance. With a unified suite of applications, NetSuite enables you to manage accounting, order processing, inventory, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations all in one place, simplifying the management of your business’s complexity.

Most importantly, NetSuite ERP streamlines your business processes, allowing you to focus on essential aspects such as running your business, staying competitive, and driving innovation. Let NetSuite ERP be your strategic tool for success in the Singaporean market.

Simplify Your Business Operations

NetSuite ERP is the all-in-one solution for Singaporean businesses. Manage accounting, inventory, production, and supply chain seamlessly with real-time visibility. Stay ahead in the fast-paced Singaporean market by optimising operations, reducing time-to-market, and collaborating effectively. Experience the power of NetSuite ERP for streamlined success.

Focus on What Matters Most with NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP, a cloud-based platform, empowers Singaporean businesses to excel by freeing up valuable time and resources. With NetSuite ERP handling your operations, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business, staying competitive, and fostering innovation. Maximise your potential with NetSuite ERP in Singapore.

Get real-time data across your entire organisation, all in one convenient dashboard.


NetSuite ERP offers a centralised dashboard that enables quick, informed decision-making and accurate data analysis. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple systems—NetSuite ERP puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

Why Choose NetSuite ERP for your business?

Scalability: NetSuite ERP is designed to scale your business. As your business grows, you can easily add new modules and users to meet your additional requirements.
Flexibility: In Singapore’s dynamic economy, NetSuite ERP provides the essential flexibility to meet your customised requirements, including tailored workflows, comprehensive reports, and interactive dashboards.
Integration:Seamlessly integrate NetSuite ERP with other business applications including CRM, eCommerce, and marketing automation.
Security:NetSuite ERP delivers robust security features, safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations in Singapore.

Get access to the NetSuite ERP tools

NetSuite ERP Suite Analytics Dashboard

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics empowers businesses in Singapore with real-time reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboards, enabling comprehensive performance analysis across multiple departments.

NetSuite CFO dashboard

NetSuite’s CFO dashboard provides up-to-date data on financial performance, including crucial KPIs such as cash flow, revenue, expenses, and profitability, enabling CFOs to track and analyse financial records efficiently.

NetSuite Income Statement Dashboard

Leverage the NetSuite Income Statement Dashboard to effortlessly generate Income and Expense reports, enabling you to fully command your KPIs and maintain a firm grasp on your financial performance.

Go Global with NetSuite OneWorld

Propel your business to new heights with NetSuite, the perfect solution for efficiently managing your global operations. Benefit from seamless support for multiple currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements.

Experience real-time visibility at local, regional, and headquarters levels. Available in over 27 languages supporting 190 currencies, NetSuite ensures your business thrives not only in the Singaporean market but also in the global arena.

Features of NetSuite ERP:

Financial management:

NetSuite ERP, the leading financial management suite, provides real-time visibility into your accounting and financial performance.

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Inventory management:

Automate and optimise inventory processes, reduce costs, meet customer expectations, and efficiently manage inventory across multiple locations in Singapore.

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Order Management:

Optimise order processing, eliminate errors and ensure prompt invoicing and payment for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction in Singapore, where demanding consumers prioritise exceptional customer service.

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Supply Chain Management:

Streamline the movement of goods and materials seamlessly with NetSuite ERP’s robust supply chain management features, catering to the demands of the thriving Singaporean economy, known for its strong emphasis on trade and foreign direct investment (FDI).

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Warehouse management:

Boost warehouse operations in Singapore’s booming automation-driven economy with NetSuite ERP’s advanced capabilities, including RF-device-directed tasks and customised strategies, enabling optimal efficiency and supporting Singapore’s transition into a smart economy.

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Customer relationship management (CRM):

Meet the demands of discerning Singaporean customers with NetSuite’s CRM feature, offering essential capabilities such as sales tracking and superior customer service.

NetSuite ERP integrations

NetSuite offers a versatile platform with a wide range of integrations customised to meet your specific requirements in Singapore. At Jcurve, we specialise in understanding your needs and implementing integrations that enhance the performance of your ERP system. Our expertise spans from bank feeds to POS systems and covers almost every integration imaginable. If you require unique integrations that are currently unavailable, we can even develop custom solutions tailored to your business. Your goals and needs are our top priority, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

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Start quickly with NetSuite ERP using SuiteSuccess, which combines pre-built software modules, industry-specific dashboards, reports, and process flows. It ensures a rapid and efficient implementation for your business in Singapore.

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Service and support for your ERP solution

When you choose Jcurve as your ERP provider in Singapore, you gain access to extensive support from our team of highly trained experts. Whether you have an issue or a question, our dedicated team will assist you and guide you towards maximising the efficiency of your ERP system.

Our Support Hub is a valuable resource, providing step-by-step instructions, comprehensive documentation, and training materials on every aspect of the platform. Available to all users, the Support Hub reduces the burden on your internal IT resources by offering self-paced training for your staff. Additionally, we provide in-product support, ensuring that assistance is just a click away during your ERP journey.

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Implementing NetSuite-The Jcurve way

Here is a breakdown of our implementation process in three stages:

  1. Planning – We collaborate with you to define your requirements, scope the project, and conduct a thorough business process analysis. Together, we design a system architecture and develop a data migration strategy.
  2. Deployment – Our experts handle the system setup, starting with creating your account and customising it to align with your business. Rigorous testing ensures that everything operates seamlessly.
  3. Maintenance – Our ongoing support includes regular updates and performance monitoring to keep your ERP system running at its best.

Learn more about how our implementation works>

Our experienced consultants possess in-depth knowledge of NetSuite ERP and its modules, enabling us to offer practical solutions that align with your business objectives in Singapore.

Whether it’s accounting, inventory management, order processing, or any other aspect of your operations, Jcurve will guide you through the entire journey.

Discover more about our delivery services>

Are you ready to streamline your business, cut down on expenses, and boost operational efficiency with NetSuite’s ERP solutions?
Contact us now to learn more and get started today.


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