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The Jcurve Referral Program

Ready to Maximise Your Networks in the Philippines?

Welcome to the Jcurve Referral Programme page. To join as a referrer in the Philippines, kindly fill in your details on the form, and we will reach out to you as swiftly as possible.

Why should you join our referral programme?

Boost Your Earnings

ERP transactions are significant, and by simply passing on a contact, you'll secure 5% of the first-year licence fee. It's a straightforward and lucrative way to augment your earnings in the Philippines.

Effortless Experience

You won't have to participate in the sales journey. Just share the contact details with us, and harvest the rewards after a successful deal.

Rapid Commission Payment

Earn your commission within 30 days of the sale's completion.

Support Others in Succeeding

Our solutions enable companies in the Philippines to drive growth and streamline their operations. Recommending Jcurve to your clients or a friend’s business means you are helping them set up for future success.

Who Should You Refer?

If you know a company in the Philippines that could benefit from our ERP solutions, we encourage you to refer them to us. There are no limitations on the number of contacts you can recommend, and there’s no ceiling on the commissions you can potentially earn.

Start referring as many contacts as you can, and rest assured, we are fully prepared to handle all the necessary work.