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Save time and money on your telco bill

with Jtel from Jcurve Solutions.

Having a clear view of your telecom expenses will make your life a bit easier – and cheaper. We can help you get a full overview of your voice and data expenses for both fixed and mobile devices.


Save time and money on your telco bill
with Jtel from Jcurve Solutions.

Today’s customers expect on-demand service. Your team wants the same. It’s time to let go of manual processes and multiple platforms and bring everything together in one place. With Quicta, you can provide everything your customers are looking for.

Reduce hassle and cost with Jtel

Managing your telecom expenses can be challenging. You don’t have the full overview of your usage, so it’s easy to just trust your telco. Most companies don’t even know that there’s time and money to be saved here. So we’ll make it easier for you. With Jtel, you can consolidate your processes, get advanced analytics and view real-time data in one integrated platform. This will allow you, not only to get the full view but also to reduce your admin time, negotiate better rates and make more informed decisions on your telecom usage.

Jtel is a cloud-based platform that lets you manage multiple carriers across mobile, PABX, fixed line and IP in one single platform from anywhere. Find cost reductions on unused services, data usage and phone plan types to avoid paying for services you’re not using and to get a more tailored contract with your telco. With Jtel, you’ll get a powerful analysis of what’s costing you money and where savings can be made – in a clear and user-friendly interface.

The benefits of Jtel

Jtel provides a better way to manage your telecommunications expenses and assets. It’s a carrier-independent and carrier-agnostic solution, its flexibility and independence have made it the leading Telecom Expense Management Solution in the region.

Jtel helps to streamline all telecom information in one single, easy-to-use cloud system and is one of the best strategic decisions you can make. Jtel reduces telecom costs and monthly billing admin times through efficient management of telecoms.

Integrations, service and support

We are here for you throughout your entire journey with Jtel, from the first time we discuss your solution and for as long as you use the platform. We can help you with your needs analysis, your customisation needs and your integration needs. We offer a broad range of service and support options after implementation and will help you make sure your platform is running smoothly at all time.

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Implementing Jtel

Jcurve can help you find and implement the right Telecom Expense Management Solution for your business. We will analyse your needs, provide you with valuable insights into how you can get more out of your data – and help you make the platform work perfectly in your business.

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