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Improving Warehouse Management Capabilities with Jcurve Solutions and Honeywell Movilizer

JCurve Solutions (JCS) is excited to announce a new partnership to help wholesale distributors manage the warehouse more efficiently.

On Thursday 29th September 2016, JCurve Solutions (JCS) are excited to announce a new partnership to help wholesale distributors manage the warehouse more efficiently utilising the Honeywell Movilizer, a  leading cloud-based WMS solution, and powered Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Netsuite. 

The implementation of Honeywell Movilizer is a strategic move towards enhancing warehouse efficiency, optimising every aspect of warehouse operations from inventory management to order processing.

Advanced Technical Features of Honeywell Movilizer in Warehouse Operations

Euipped with advanced inventory management technology, the Movilizer system enables real-time tracking and management of warehouse inventory, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  • Security Features: Honeywell Movilizer offers robust security protocols, including user and client authentication, data structure validation, virus-checking, encryption, and decryption. This ensures that warehouse data remains secure and confidential.
  • SmartSync Technology: This feature ensures that the app is available online and offline, replicates master data, and pushes updates to devices. In the context of a warehouse, this means uninterrupted access to critical data and updates, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.
  • System Mashup Capabilities: Movilizer allows the integration of data from various systems into a single user interface. For warehouse management, this can mean a more streamlined experience in handling different systems, from inventory to logistics. 
  • Middleware as a Service: The Movilizer Cloud acts as a middleware, offering functionalities as a service without the need for new infrastructure. This aspect is crucial for warehouses looking to integrate new technologies without significant upfront investments.
  • Scalability: The Movilizer Cloud offers scalable mobile app solutions, which is essential for warehouses that experience fluctuating demands. This feature allows the system to handle increased activity without additional infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Data Availability: The movilizer  ensures real-time data availability for decision-making. In a warehouse context, this means up-to-date information on inventory levels, shipping statuses, and more.

For organisations assessing the appropriateness of a Warehouse Management System for their needs, we recommend exploring our detailed article, Choosing NetSuite WMS: Top Considerations for Businesses.

Empowering the Distributed Workforce 

Honeywell Movilizer is at the forefront of cloud technology for field operations. It serves as a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), crucial for enhancing enterprise profitability in manufacturing and services sectors.

Innovative Features

 This platform stands out with its robust security, smart synchronisation, and system mashup capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with existing IT systems. Its scalability and middleware-as-a-service functionalities make it an ideal choice for diverse field operations.

Acquisition and Expansion

 Honeywell’s acquisition of Movilizer has bolstered its capabilities, aligning with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) trend. This move promises greater productivity and introduces new business models, focusing on the connected worker concept.

JCS and Honeywell: Synergising for Enhanced Warehouse Management

Collaborative Efficiency 

JCurve Solutions, with its expertise in ERP solutions, collaborates with Honeywell Movilizer to optimise warehouse operations. This partnership aims to provide a holistic solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by wholesale distributors.

Transforming Warehouse Operations

 The integration of Honeywell Movilizer with NetSuite through JCS’s expertise offers a comprehensive solution. It streamlines operations, from inventory management to order fulfilment, ensuring real-time data availability and decision-making efficiency.

Future-Proofing Businesses:

 By leveraging Honeywell Movilizer’s cloud capabilities, JCS helps businesses adapt to evolving market demands. This partnership ensures that wholesale distributors are equipped with the tools needed for digital transformation and staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

A Step Towards Connected and Efficient Warehousing

This partnership marks a significant step in the evolution of warehouse management. By combining JCurve Solutions’ ERP proficiency with Honeywell Movilizer’s cutting-edge cloud technology, wholesale distributors can now look forward to a more connected, efficient, and productive future in warehouse operations.

For further details on the capabilities and integration of Honeywell Movilizer, please feel free to reach out to our support team

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Let JCurve guide your business by adopting smarter strategies with NetSuite Warehouse Management Capabilities and addressing specific challenges faced by Australian enterprises.  We focus on tailor-made solutions that meet the unique logistical and operational needs in market, leveraging the capabilities of the Honeywell Movilizer.

Frequently Asked Questions About NetSuite WMS

1. What are the hardware requirements for NetSuite WMS?

NetSuite WMS is designed to be flexible and compatible with a range of hardware options. Typically, it requires devices capable of running a web browser or the NetSuite mobile app. This includes various handheld scanners, tablets, and mobile phones. The specific hardware choice depends on the individual business needs and operational environment.

Gain insights into the system’s flexibility and compatibility in our section on Diving into NetSuite WMS’s Hardware Compatibility.

2. How regularly is NetSuite WMS updated with new features?

NetSuite WMS undergoes continuous improvements and updates. New features are typically rolled out biannually, ensuring that users have access to the latest advancements in warehouse management technology. These updates are designed to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and keep pace with industry trends.

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3. How can I get a demo of NetSuite WMS?

To get a demo of NetSuite WMS, you can directly contact one of our NetSuite ERP consultants.They offer personalised demos that provide a comprehensive overview of the software’s capabilities, tailored to your specific business needs and questions.

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