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Say hello to growth.

Ambitious businesses know that technology can be used to unlock growth. But smart businesses know it’s only as useful as the people who implement it. At Jcurve, we build human partnerships that deliver outstanding technology solutions.

Together, we have everything you need to get your business to grow.

This is Jcurve

At Jcurve, we understand and cater to the unique needs of Australian businesses, regardless of their size or complexity. Our tailored solutions are designed to help you grow and optimise your operations effectively. With a focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Service Management, Expense Management, and Marketing Management, we offer user-friendly solutions that empower your business to succeed.
Our Products and Services
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At Jcurve, our mission is to provide cutting-edge ERP solutions that drive faster and more accurate decision-making. We understand that when you and your team can make informed choices effortlessly, it not only streamlines your operations but also prioritises the needs of your valued customers. Our goal is to simplify your business processes, enhance collaboration within your team, and ultimately deliver an exceptional.

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If you operate in the service industry, you understand the immense significance of delivering accurate information to your customers in a timely manner. It can be the defining factor for your business’s success. At Jcurve, we specialise in providing customised solutions that seamlessly cater to your needs, your team’s requirements, and, of course, the preferences of your esteemed Singaporean clientele.

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Managing telecom expenses can be a complex and challenging task. With our Telecom Expense Management Solutions, we aim to alleviate that burden and help you optimise and reduce costs. Gain complete visibility of your data and voice usage, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve cost savings effectively.

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When it comes to marketing, having the right strategy, idea, channel, and execution is paramount to making the most of your budget. At Jcurve, we understand the unique dynamics of the Singaporean market, and we have a team of data-driven marketing experts and creatives ready to assist you in securing your position in the market.

Your Industry, Our Expertise

At Jcurve, we understand that every industry comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why we’re here to provide tailored solutions that empower your business to thrive in your specific sector.

With a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of industries, our team offers customised solutions and tailored strategies, leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology for proven success. Explore our industry-specific solutions and let us help you grow.

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What people say about Jcurve
InstaclustrPeter Lilley, Co-founder & COO
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For me, NetSuite is all about the ability to proactively make decisions about what we need to do and when we need to do it, as well as increased confidence around business reporting on a monthly basis.
Belgian DelightsChristophe Verstreken, General Manager
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NetSuite has helped me grow my business and keep my labor costs down. Without it, I would need at least one extra person in the office just to manage everything. I basically look at NetSuite as an employee. A number cruncher that doesn’t whinge.
CanningvaleJordan Prainito, Managing Director
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NetSuite real-time, live data on sales has been very powerful for our business. It has saved us money and provided the additional information we now use for stock control and management reporting.
Different DropBrett Ketelbey, Co-founder/Director
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For a business like ours, cash flow is the thing that will sink you. Jcurve ERP has enabled us to stay on top of that, and really manage our stock turn rates to stay cash flow positive. Jcurve ERP allows us to do a lot more with a very small headcount. It’s enabled us to reduce the administrative burden of a business with a lot of moving parts.
The Orien GroupErdem Salih, Founder and Managing Director
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The beauty of Jcurve ERP is that with one warehouse, one set of staff, and one set of overheads, we can service multiple industries through several different websites. Jcurve ERP handles this all seamlessly for us.
OBE OrganicNerida Connors, Managing Director & General Manger - Commercial
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Jcurve ERP allows us to hold a lot of information - against customer cards as well as that the transaction level. It's all in one place, and you don't have to go looking for the information, you can easily find it. Once you understand the system, it's also very user-friendly.
Kokonut PacificCastaly Lombe, General Manager
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We’ve seen growth of around 30% year-on-year and doubled our staffing, warehousing and oil sales – all powered by Jcurve, a system we refer to affectionately as having more grunt than Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Radiant HeatingDavid Spray, Director
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Jcurve ERP ticked all the boxes in terms of an all - in - one package for a small yet growing business, and we loved the fact there was no need for synchronising between a stand - alone inventory package and an accounting system like Xero or Quickbooks.
Life InteriorsBasil and Geoffrey Karam, Founders,
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We honestly believe that if we didn’t implement Jcurve ERP in the early stages, we wouldn’t be in business today. Jcurve ERP is part of the fabric of our business. Jcurve ERP has allowed us to build a business that could grow across multiple channels, such as retail and online, and to do it with minimal effort.
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