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End of Support for Two-factor Authentication by SMS/Voice Call

You are receiving this notification because some of your employees are using SMS/voice call as a code delivery option for two-factor authentication (2FA) in NetSuite. In early 2024, this option will no longer be supported. Before this planned end of support, anyone who is using 2FA by SMS/voice call must reset their NetSuite 2FA settings to use an authenticator app.

Industry experts no longer view SMS/voice call as a secure option for 2FA. Code sent by SMS/voice call can be intercepted and breached. Also, the SMS service provider may have outages, users’ phone service may have problems, or users’ phone may be out of signal range. For all these reasons, an authenticator app is a better option for 2FA.

What is Changing?

In early 2024, support for 2FA by SMS/voice call will end. The exact date will be announced later. When this support ends, it will no longer be possible to log in to NetSuite with a role that uses SMS/voice call for 2FA.

Required Action

Remind your users to reset their NetSuite 2FA settings as soon as possible. Users can reset their 2FA settings from their Settings portlet. For more information, seeReset Your 2FA Settings (SuiteAnswers ID 77635).  

For more information about setting up an authenticator app, see Logging In Using Two-Factor Authentication(SuiteAnswers ID 64302).

If you require assistance or more information, please contact Jcurve Support.

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