Deprecation of HTML Code in Saved Search Formula (Text) Fields

You are receiving this notice because your account may contain saved searches that include HTML code in Formula (Text) fields. 

What is changing?

As of the 2023.2 release, searches with Formula (Text) fields that contain HTML code will only display results as plain text.

To prevent issues with your searches, Netsuite has introduced a Formula (HTML) field that you can use to replace your existing Formula (Text) fields. Access to this new field is based on the Create HTML Formulas in Search permission. As a one-time action, this permission has been enabled for users in your account who have both of the following permissions: 

  • Create level access for the SuiteScript permission 
  • Full level access for the Perform Search permission 

Why is NetSuite making this change?

NetSuite is making this change to improve the security of saved searches in your account. This change will also give you better control over who can insert HTML and scripts into a saved search. 

Required Actions

A list of saved searches that currently include HTML code in Formula (Text) fields is now available in your account. You can access this list by going to Lists > Search > Saved Searches with HTML in Formula (Text)

To avoid issues with these searches after the 2023.2 release, you should immediately begin replacing the Formula (Text) fields with the new Formula (HTML) field and test the results. Note that some searches may have been added to your account as part of a bundle or application and might not be editable. Bundle and application vendors have also received this notification and should deliver an update with a future bundle or application update. 

For additional security, after you update your searches, you may also want to enable the Disable HTML in Search Formula (Text) preference. To set this preference, go to Setup > Company > General Preferences and check the Disable HTML in Search Formula (Text) box. 

For More Information

For information about the new Formula (HTML) field, see  Executing Code in Saved Searches Using Formula (HTML) Fields (SuiteAnswers ID: 108380)

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For information about using formula fields in your search results, see Using a Formula in Search Results (SuiteAnswers ID: 8450).

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If you require assistance or more information, please contact Jcurve Support.

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