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Case Study
Olive Centre

Case Study
Olive Centre

Why The Olive Centre chose Jcurve ERP

After several years in the industry, the Olive Centre was fast outgrowing MYOB, Filemaker Pro and other disparate systems they had come to deal with. Before transitioning to Jcurve ERP in 2009, they were running five individual systems and realised this was making their operations clunky, error-prone, and frustratingly time-consuming. With an awareness of NetSuite, Amanda had the foresight to know that a cloud-based all-in-one solution was the answer to their small business’ woes, however, they struggled to justify the price point of a big business system. When the opportunity arose to work with Jcurve ERP, NetSuite’s small business edition, Amanda was excited. “I was absolutely committed from day one and confident that Jcurve ERP would deliver. I just knew that we would get so much more out of Jcurve than what we put in.”

Having a good understanding of the many business software options available in the market, Amanda knew that in having the power of NetSuite behind them, Jcurve ERP would be the ideal solution to streamline and improve their operations – “The dashboard alone has made my business forward-thinking, insight powered and put operational error detection firmly back in my hands.”

One cloud-based system

For SMEs and growing companies right through to enterprise organisations, leveraging a streamlined ERP system that delivers best-practice business processes can be the key to continued success.

Make informed, agile business decisions with real-time data that’s accessible from wherever you are. See increased process efficiency. Reduce costs and save your team serious time. Set your business up for real growth with a scalable cloud ERP.

All core business needs

Jcurve is NetSuite’s leading 5-Star partner globally by number of customers, and the exclusive provider of the small business edition of NetSuite, Jcurve ERP. Jcurve has completed over 600 successful cloud ERP implementations.

Jcurve provides the technology, tools, and talented people to help your business see lasting success – across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

A business designed to support an industry

With over 2,500 lines of product and equipment for a local and international olive growing community, the Olive Centre demanded a software solution to deliver cross-department visibility and real-time reporting. Being an early adopter, they were also able to take advantage of the scalability of JCurve ERP’s cloud business management software as their needs evolved. This enabled the Olive Centre to take advantage of enterprise-level functionality to streamline their complex requirements around the supply of technology and equipment to the olive growing industry.


  • A lack of communication between systems
  • Reliance on manual spreadsheets and other locally stored documents
  • System inefficiencies, resulting in multiple data entry
  • Inability to manage drop-shipping
  • Inability to forecast seasonal demands
  • Inability to work effectively and reliably in foreign currencies
  • Lack of cross-department visibility