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Streamline Your Inventory management with

Jcurve Item Revolv

Jcurve Item Revolv bundle is designed to provide Jcurve ERP users with a holistic view of an item’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive greater efficiency in your business operations.

Enhanced Product Performance Metrics: Consolidated Sublist

One of the key features of Jcurve Item Revolv is the ability to consolidate vital item-related information into a custom sub-list that is easily accessible within the item record. This means that you can now seamlessly navigate between your item’s details and its performance metrics.

Comprehensive Reports:

Unveiling Key Insights

Jcurve Item Revolv offers a wide range of insightful reports.

Monthly Item Quantity Sold: Track the monthly quantity of items sold based on sales orders.

Historical Item Sales: Gain valuable insights into your item’s historical sales performance, allowing you to identify trends and patterns.

Open Sales Orders: Stay up-to-date with all open sales orders associated with the item, ensuring timely fulfilment.

Open Purchase Orders: Monitor open purchase orders to streamline your procurement process and avoid delays.

Sales and Margin: This report provides a comprehensive overview of your item’s sales history for the past three months, including average sales price, cost, and margin.

3-Way Match: Identify quantity or price variances based on purchase orders and billing rates.

Historical Item Usage: Get a summary of your item's usage across different transaction types.

Quantity Usage: Monitor the item’s current month, one-month, and yearly total usage quantities.

New Reports: Additional Insights for Better Decision-Making

To further enhance your experience, we are pleased to introduce two new insightful reports:

Fast Moving Items Report:

Identify items with a high volume of sales transactions over the past four weeks, enabling you to focus on your best-performing products.

Slow Moving Items Report:

Uncover items with minimal or no sales activity, helping you make data-driven decisions regarding stock management.

Item Revolv Centre: Centralised Hub for Inventory management

To streamline your item-related activities, we have introduced an Item Revolv Centre tab. This tab serves as a centralised hub for all your item-related tasks. It includes a comprehensive dashboard setup and incorporates all relevant reports and searches within the Centre category. With Item Revolv Centre, you can effortlessly access all the necessary information in one place.

Personalised Access and Role-Based Restrictions

We understand the importance of role restrictions and user-specific needs. Therefore, the information displayed within the Item Revolv bundle will be tailored based on your users’ locations, departments, and role restrictions. This ensures that users see the most relevant data for their specific responsibilities.

Accessible to All: Deployed Dashboard for All Roles and Centres

We are pleased to inform you that the dashboard containing all these reports will be created and deployed to all centres and roles. This ensures that everyone in your organisation can benefit from this valuable tool and gain insights to drive business growth.

Get Started with Jcurve Item Revolv

To learn more about Jcurve Item Revolv or to get started with this game-changing solution, please contact your Account Manager. We are here to assist you every step of the way.