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Case Study
Singapore Swimming Association

Case Study
Singapore Swimming Association

Singapore Swimming Association is the national sports association governing swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, diving and open water swimming in Singapore.

Founded in 1939, SSA was formed with a vision to see Singapore become one of the leading nations, in terms of medals won and finals reached, at the Asian Games. SSA provides leadership for the aquatic sports aimed at increasing high-performance talent, further developing the organisation as a regional hub for aquatic sports within Asia and promoting every Singaporean swimmer.

SSA was running an accounting system that couldn’t keep up with the growing complexities of the business. The Association wanted to improve efficiency by automating and integrating its financials, sales, purchasing, HR and leave applications all within a single system. SSA had seen process complexities creeping in, and financial reporting was taking a long time to produce – it needed an all-in-one ERP business management system that could consolidate operations and deliver accurate, real-time data. The Association chose to work with JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) to implement a NetSuite cloud-based ERP system to boost productivity, improve governance, and help it focus on strategic business initiatives

Why did SSA choose NetSuite?

Before NetSuite, SSA was using several disparate systems to manage operations. Director of Finance, Admin & Business Development, Leon Lim, explains, “We wanted to automate and integrate the HR, accounting and leave application all into one system. We understood there were efficiency issues in our use of separate systems, so with NetSuite, we have consolidated our applications and automated certain processes that allowed us to achieve efficiency, improved governance and more reliable data.”

JCurve Solutions leveraged its experience from over 600 ERP implementations to recognise and understand the requirements of SSA as a non-profit organisation, and to make the necessary customisations based on SSA’s complex needs.

“Since implementing the NetSuite platform, we have seen significant efficiency gains in financial reporting and saved on hiring an additional full-time staff member.”

Implementation of an automated purchase order process has improved SSA’s financial governance. The Association has also seen the benefits of generating financial reports much faster, now leveraging real-time data, live dashboards and report snapshots that deliver performance and governance visibility at a glance.

“We are making great use of the sales and purchase order functionality to give us a better gauge of the planned purchases and planned income. We can then compare our actual to budget figures instantly, allowing us to forecast much better. This was one of the issues we were facing, that the previous system did not allow us to do well.” Comments Mr Lim.

Using technology to streamline operations

The NetSuite ERP platform is enabling SSA to manage its time and resources much more effectively. End-to-end processes from procure to pay and order to sales have been streamlined, providing SSA with greater visibility and control. Improved governance that is crucial to non-profit organisations has also been a notable outcome.

Mr Lim explains, “As a non-profit and charity, we have a big focus on governance and transparency across the organisation. NetSuite has allowed us to achieve this through an integrated platform that documents everything and has the traceability that we need as a non-profit organisation.”

Through the NetSuite implementation delivered by JCS, a 5-Star NetSuite partner in Singapore, SSA consolidated its previously disparate solutions into one, unified cloud-based platform. The consolidated ERP solution has allowed SSA to gain complete transparency of business performance, save considerable time, and operate more efficiently.

Generating vital financial reports in a timely manner is now a reality for the SSA. Management can drill down into more specific detail, quickly and easily, to help identify and anticipate issues and opportunities. SSA now has clarity on where time and resources should be invested and can focus on profit-generating activities – and where to maximise resources and funding.

The ultimate benefits for SSA include real-time visibility of finances that empowers the organisation to make agile decisions, realising significant time-savings, and optimisation of the company’s resources through automation of manual tasks.

With the right team of NetSuite experts from JCS delivering the tools and technology that SSA needed, the Association is set up to continue achieving its goals – both now and well into the future. SSA is seeing the ongoing benefits of accurate, single-source data, live financial reports for agile and strategic decision-making, and a consolidated ERP business management system that supports the company’s mission and vision – right now and well into the future.

A framework for ongoing success

The NetSuite system and the implementation by JCS have delivered a framework for ongoing success, being realised in many ways. Mr Lim comments, “We are seeing the benefit of getting information more quickly in real-time, as it can be accessible online and from anywhere as a cloud application. Staff now have the ability to work from anywhere and can even submit leave applications and expense claims without needing to be in the office.”


  • Financial reporting is 2-3 times faster.
  • Saved on hiring 1 additional full-time staff member .
  • Stronger non-profit governance processes in place .
  • Integrated HR, payroll and expense management.
  • Live visibility of financial data, accessible from anywhere at any time.