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An ERP solution
to support your IPO success!

of Tech IPOs since 2011 are NetSuite customers.
NetSuite customers successfully closed IPOs or became SPACs in 2021.
in VC funding raised by NetSuite customers in 2021.

An ERP that grows as fast as you

From pre-seed to IPO, your company is destined for rapid growth. With NetSuite, you will be confident that your business management software will scale along with it. Whether growing in employees or expanding to new markets, NetSuite’s cloud-based solution can handle the requirements of any fast-growing business and ensure operational excellence.

Financial Visibility

The ability to tackle all your financial challenges

  • Real-time reporting that allows you to drill-down and diagnose financials to make informed business decisions.
  • Unified billing processes to help manage revenue streams more seamlessly and comply with the latest revenue recognition standards.
  • Built-in governance, risk and compliance capabilities to support fundraising, acquisitions or IPO’s.

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Business Management

One system to manage your overall business.

  • Manage all aspects of your business in a single cloud-based system, equipping you with best-in-class processes such as financial and item management, procure-to-pay and order-to-cash.
  • Role-based access granting investors and staff real-time visibility into data, metrics and KPIs specific to their information needs.
  • Easy customisable depending on the needs of your industry and business.

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Business Intelligence

Gain meaningful operational and financial insights.

  • 95+ Pre-configured reports and dashboards in real time.
  • Easily create saved searches and custom reports to conduct complex data analysis.

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Global Expansion

Manage multiple subsidiaries from a single ERP solution.

  • Global business management platform delivering real-time visibility, global eCommerce, resources planning and business intelligence for companies that manage multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.
  • Simplifies multinational and multi-entity financial consolidation.
  • Supports both global standards and country-specific audit, tax and data security requirements to ensure compliance.

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NetSuite Customers See Greater ROI

PEVC_05_Financial icon01
Reduction in Financial Close Time
PEVC_05_Audit icon02
Reduction in Audit Preparation Time
PEVC_05_Reduction icon03
Reduction in Invoicing Costs

Why Implement with Jcurve?

NetSuite Partner
since 2009
A reliable and trusted partner. Since 2009, we’ve worked with clients across various industries and countries, gaining experience and honing skills that are unrivalled in our line of business.
1000+ successful
Our proven implementation strategies are the best chance of ERP success. We take the time to understand every inch of your business, allowing us to foresee and mitigate any risks and provide a plan that works.
Faster implementations and continuous support
With our expertise we can accelerate the implementation process, ensuring that your solution is up and running quickly and train your team to use the software effectively and realise benefits sooner. We also offer ongoing support, troubleshooting, and assistance, helping your business maximise the value of your investment.
Regional Presence
We have physical offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand & the Philippines while also providing our services in most other South-East Asian countries. If you have a regional presence, we are the partner for you.
Dedicated CPA professionals
You will have access to a dedicated Certified Public Accountant to advise and provide due diligence to help mitigate risk during the implementation process.
Largest team of certified consultants in APAC
We have the largest team of certified NetSuite professionals in the APAC region, ensuring you have the best support whenever you need it.

Streamlining amidst

rapid company growth

“We needed to streamline our operations, and we came across Jcurve & Netsuite, we haven’t looked back since”.

– Christophe, CEO of Belgian Delights

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