Our solutions and services

We live in an on-demand world – the modern consumer expects immediate access to product and services, and on any device. This paradigm shift in expectations has placed pressure on organisations around the world to transform or risk being left behind.

At Jcurve our aim is to help organisations transform to meet these needs, by delivering world-class digital solutions and trusted advisory services. From business management solutions and consulting services, to field service management and digital marketing services – Jcurve is uniquely positioned to help you on your business transformation journey.

In partnership with you, we hope to create a more resilient world in which organisations of all sizes can confidently realise their ambitions.

Optyc brings together our business management solutions, including Enterprise Resource Planning and Telecom Expense Management solutions. Optyc helps organisations to automate core business processes, delivering data insights and business efficiencies.

From finance to supply-chain to sales and marketing and beyond, Optyc provides the visibility and knowledge to help advance ambitions.

Quicta is a service management solution that enables organisations to efficiently allocate operational resources where they are needed most.

From deploying personnel through to digital interactions with customers, Quicta helps drive efficiency in a world where timing is everything.

Vyzeri is a growth consultancy that partners with organisations to develop resiliency and achieve their ambitions through the effective use of technology.

Our business management process and consulting services are designed to unify your company’s main pillars: technology, methodologies, and people.

Dygiq provides full-service marketing capabilities for ambitious organisations looking to improve their current market position or enter new markets.

A team of marketing experts who understand how to create data-driven, impactful marketing campaigns, Dygiq helps deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.