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Case Study
Mont Adventure

Case Study
Mont Adventure

Why did Mont Adventure Equipment choose Jcurve ERP?

Mont was running a server-based inventory management system to keep track of all the stock in its warehouse. Meanwhile, it had a POS system in its retail store, which didn’t “speak with” the warehouse system.

As Monty explains, “All the stock in the shop had to be uploaded manually, as we didn’t know what was in the warehouse. It was a full-time job maintaining inventory levels in the shop, and it was an absolute nightmare. We always had the wrong inventory in the shop, trying to sell things we didn’t have.”

Mont also struggled with constant internal network and server issues. It wanted to launch an eCommerce website, but the antiquated warehouse system wasn’t able to integrate with any eCommerce platforms.

A better solution was needed. Mont’s management researched the business software options that other, similar-sized companies, and those that Mont aspired to grow to the size of, were using. They came across Jcurve ERP, found that it came highly recommended, and signed up as a customer.

One cloud-based system

For SMEs and growing companies right through to enterprise organisations, leveraging a streamlined ERP system that delivers best-practice business processes can be the key to continued success.

Make informed, agile business decisions with real-time data that’s accessible from wherever you are. See increased process efficiency. Reduce costs and save your team serious time. Set your business up for real growth with a scalable cloud ERP.

All core business needs

Jcurve is NetSuite’s leading 5-Star partner globally by number of customers, and the exclusive provider of the small business edition of NetSuite, Jcurve ERP. Jcurve has completed over 600 successful cloud ERP implementations.

Jcurve provides the technology, tools, and talented people to help your business see lasting success – across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, and the entire Asia-Pacific region.


  • Integrated stock system with ~24,000 SKUs
  • Up to 4,500 invoices per month
  • Reduced admin and staffing costs
  • Enabled mobility and remote access
  • Instant, easily customisable reports
  • Improved CRM