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Case Study
Mac Centre

Case Study
Mac Centre

Mac Centre is a leading Apple technology solution specialist providing complete sales, service, support, and consulting experience to businesses across Australia

Why Jcurve ERP?

Before Jcurve ERP, Mac Centre staff were spending more than 2 hours every day cleaning, exporting and re-importing data between separate sales and finance systems. They were using a system designed for Apple resellers that wasn’t coping with the complexity required for B2B enterprise services.

With Jcurve ERP, their sales, CRM, inventory, and eCommerce are all fully integrated, giving complete visibility into all aspects of their business – all in real-time. Mac Centre are now also able to continuously adapt at a fast pace to the ever-changing Apple platform requirements.

General Manager, Mark Santos, explains, “We needed an ERP we could extend out ourselves and not rely on consultants or developers. We can now introduce new features quickly without time-consuming and costly development outlays.”

One cloud-based system

For SMEs and growing companies right through to enterprise organisations, leveraging a streamlined ERP system that delivers best-practice business processes can be the key to continued success.

Make informed, agile business decisions with real-time data that’s accessible from wherever you are. See increased process efficiency. Reduce costs and save your team serious time. Set your business up for real growth with a scalable cloud ERP.

All core business needs

Jcurve is NetSuite’s leading 5-Star partner globally by number of customers, and the exclusive provider of the small business edition of NetSuite, Jcurve ERP. Jcurve has completed over 600 successful cloud ERP implementations.

Jcurve provides the technology, tools, and talented people to help your business see lasting success – across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, and the entire Asia-Pacific region.

“JCurve ERP has helped our business massively,” says General Manager, Mark Santos. “It’s allowed us to scale quickly. It gives us immediate insight into our financial position, with a 360-degree view of the business so that we can make more informed business decisions.”

JCurve ERP has given Mac Centre confidence: confidence to know they’re making the right business decisions; confidence they’re quoting the right figures for complex enterprise-level services; confidence that all aspects of their business have the right information at their fingertips.


  • Encompass both retail & enterprise sales processes.
  • Handle quick cash transactions for retail.
  • Manage large, complex proposals and enterprise-wide services for B2B.
  • Meet Apple’s strict compliance, reporting and integration requirements.
  • Have the ability to extend functionality, and grow and adapt to the business.
  • Allow Mac Centre to scale.
  • Provide immediate visibility into financials