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Case Study
Life Interiors

Case Study
Life Interiors

Modern furniture wholesaler and retailer, Life.interiors, is the epitome of a fast growing business. Starting out of a suburban shed, Life.interiors is now a national success story, with expansive showrooms, wholesale, online and retail channels, and even international franchises in the works.

According to co-founder and CEO Basil Karam, this growth was all made possible by starting with the JCurve ERP edition of NetSuite. “JCurve ERP lets us run an efficient business,” says Basil, “and an efficient business means we can sell great products at a really affordable price.”

Why JCurve ERP?

With 5000 SKUs and more than 100 local and international suppliers, Life.interiors needed an extremely flexible and scalable business solution to manage their rapid growth. As a former CTO and CIO, Basil knew exactly what to look for in business management software.

“I reviewed the marketplace very thoroughly,” says Basil. “The JCurve ERP solution was ideal. It was cost effective and had advanced inventory management capabilities. “We were looking for a holistic, full-service solution, and one that was cloud-based and low maintenance.”

“I honestly believe that if we didn’t implement JCurve ERP in the early stages, we wouldn’t be in business today. JCurve ERP is part of the fabric of our business.”

The growth pathway to NetSuite

Another reason Life.interiors chose JCurve ERP was the scalability of the software. “We knew JCurve ERP was the small business edition of NetSuite; we knew we would have a path to grow.

“We started with just a few licenses as one of the first JCurve ERP customers and we’re now at the upper limit, with 20 users. We are about to scale up to the NetSuite wholesale distribution edition.”

How JCurve ERP has helped Life.interiors grow

“JCurve ERP allows us to move quickly and fast,” says Basil. “A single team member can make a change and it’s instantly reflected across the whole business. There’s no bottleneck slowing us down.”

Everything is cloud based

Life.interiors also makes full use of JCurve ERP’s cloud technology.“We run our entire business in the cloud – including JCurve ERP, file management and email,” Basil explains. “Many of our employees work remotely, including our accounts team. JCurve ERP allows everyone to login from anywhere and be productive straight away.”

JCurve ERP has allowed us to build a business that could grow across multiple channels such as retail and online, and to do it with minimal effort.

Supplier and wholesale transparency

“We provide products to some of Australia’s leading online retailers such as Temple & Webster, Zanui and Home Depot.

“We’ve automated delivery of stock levels to several partners at once, ensuring transparency and efficient management of stock levels across multiple entities. We’ve also automated the invoicing and order placement process so we’re easy to do business with. It’s allowed us to develop strong strategic business partnerships and improve our repeat business sales,” Basil says.

Dashboards at your fingertips

Basil keeps track of his KPIs on his phone and tablet so he can always see what’s going on within the business.

“JCurve ERP gives us that all-important central view of the business. It’s all at our fingertips,” explains Basil.

“The dashboards help us see areas that are performing well. We can easily see the performance of our inventory and slow moving stock, as well as opportunities where we’re out of stock of fast moving items.

“For Finance, we can quickly see our profit and loss and ensure product profitability is maintained across all product ranges”.

Plus, with multiple offices, Life.interiors has set up their reporting in JCurve ERP to drill down into each location.

Rapid growth

Over the last threeincrease in order volume “We work with 100 local suppliers and 5,000 SKUs – and that’s only going to increase over next 12 months as we expand internationally”, says Basil.