Executive management team

Jcurve is led by an experienced group of senior executives who are passionate about helping organisations transform to meet the needs of an on-demand world, by delivering world-class solutions and trusted advisory services.

Stephen Canning | Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Canning is the Chief Executive Officer at Jcurve, a leading business transformation provider offering a broad range of services. Having previously held the position of CEO with PayGlobal Limited, Stephen is a seasoned professional committed to driving the advancement and growth of the company to achieve greater success. As a passionate technologist, Stephen has progressed through various IT roles and industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in strategic planning, execution and business development. In the past six years, his focus on cultural health has successfully built high performing teams, allowing Jcurve to be a trusted business transformation advisor to ambitious organisations across Asia Pacific.

Arthur Fernandez | Chief Growth Officer

Arthur is responsible for the company’s revenue growth across all markets – he is tasked with aligning all revenue-generating activities across sales, marketing and operations.  With over 30 years of proven international experience, Arthur has designed and developed solutions for organisations across a broad range of industries including finance,  healthcare, commerce, retail, logistics, manufacturing, non-profit and social enterprises.

James Aulsebrook | Chief Financial Officer

James Aulsebrook is an enthusiastic, reliable and diligent business leader. He is a Chartered Accountant, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales. Before joining Jcurve, James was the Statutory Accounting and Tax Manager at White Energy and an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sydney.

Katrina Doring | Chief Operating Officer

Katrina Doring is an IT professional with experience locally and internationally, delivering superior outcomes across diverse and complex business environments. With a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science (Computing), she is passionate about improving customer experience, quality, and process efficiencies. She likes to focus on leading and developing multi-functional teams to ensure that first-class business outcomes are consistently delivered in a customer-focused manner.