Demand for tech solutions up as more PH firms seek ‘resilience’ amid pandemic

Saturday, September 18, 21

This, in turn, is driving demand for technology solutions to provide resilience as more and more companies initiate digital transformations, said Stephen Canning, CEO of JCurve, a technology solutions firm.

In an interview with Newsbytes.PH, Canning said the pandemic continues to bring a lot of challenges for companies. These challenges, the executive said, is fueling the demand for technology solutions such as cloud.

Surprisingly, many of these companies are SMEs that are now realizing the value of being resilient. “Businesses have realized the value of being resilient, you cannot put a price on that,” he said.

Part of being resilient, the executive said, is how companies can continue to deliver customer services amid the challenges. One of the keys, he said, is automation of business processes.

It is now an on-demand world, and local companies also realize that they need to adopt some form of strategy such as a cloud infrastructure to survive and even thrive in these challenging times, the executive said.

Interestingly, being resilient is not confined to SMEs that already have an IT infrastructure in place. It is also a concern for SMEs that are using cloud and other strategies for the first time.

Philippine companies will continue to face business challenges, the executive predicted, saying that the remainder of 2021 will see more companies looking to digitally transform.

Local companies will also need to adjust, and “look beyond the usual numbers, long-term metrics and have financial buffers.”

The executive said companies should remember that “happy customers are sticky customers” and solutions should revolve around the delivery of better customer services.

“We are going to see some more challenges. With Covid-19, we just don’t know what is around the corner, but we need to be more agile and anticipate what the opportunities are amid these challenges,” the executive said.

The executive, meanwhile, said the listed company will continue its expansion efforts which it has started in 2019. JCurve has established partnerships and acquired companies in the region despite the pandemic.

“Expansion plans are unchanged, but Covid 19 accelerated our growth. We have set up a Manila center for ERP delivery center where we train and develop staff. The team has now grown to 30 people,” he said.

Aside from the sales team, JCurve also recently partnered with Creative Quest, a Philippine digital marketing solutions firm.

Canning said they have known Creative Quest as a full-service marketing agency in digital advertising and production.

“With the acquisition, we can now provide end-to-end digital solutions that will help local businesses build resilient systems that can withstand market shocks and disruption,” he said.

JCurve entered the Philippine market in 2019 to expand its Asian reach, citing the country as a “natural selection base” for JCurve’s growing operations with an “exceptional and experienced” talent pool available in this region.