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Introducing Jcurve's new Bank Feeds Integration
for Jcurve ERP and NetSuite

Welcome to the future of financial management with Jcurve’s cutting-edge Bank Feeds product, in collaboration with Skript. Say goodbye to the hassles of manual data entry and hello to streamlined, accurate, and automated bank statement reconciliation using the Open Banking APIs.

Revolutionising Financial Management

Bank statement reconciliation is an essential process for every business, but the traditional manual approach is time-consuming and prone to errors. Jcurve understands these challenges and has developed an innovative integration that transforms how you manage your finances.

Our Bank Feeds technology allows seamless data flow between your bank accounts and your Jcurve ERP & NetSuite solution, reducing the need for tedious manual work. No more grappling with piles of statements or wrestling with complex data entries. With Jcurve’s automated Bank Feeds integration, you can effortlessly import bank transactions and account balances for reconciliation.

The Power of Open Banking

Open Banking empowers you to share your banking data securely with accredited third parties, driving innovation and efficiency. By collaborating with Skript, an Unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) under the Consumer Data Right (CDR), Jcurve brings you unparalleled convenience.

Key Features and Benefits:

Detailed CDR Data Integration

Jcurve’s Bank Feeds technology leverages Consumer Data Right (CDR) data integration, ensuring accurate and comprehensive transaction details, including descriptions, amounts, dates, payees, and payers. (Subject to data provided by banks).

Comprehensive Account Details

Enjoy a complete picture of your financial landscape with essential account details such as balances, account numbers and account types.

How It Works


Consent and Connection

Customers provide consent to share bank data with Skript. This unlocks a secure connection between their bank accounts and Skript’s platform.


Secure Storage

Customer data is stored securely within Skript’s platform, for the duration of your consent.


Data Query

Skript queries the customer’s bank data using the Open Banking API.


Seamless Integration

Jcurve establishes connections between Skript’s platform and the customer’s Jcurve ERP/NetSuite accounts, enabling the automatic import of bank transactions and balances via the Skript API.

Experience the future of financial management with Jcurve’s revolutionary Bank Feeds integration.

Bank Feeds supports connections to over 110 banks.
To check whether your banking partner is one of them, type their name in the search bar.
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