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No More Out-of-Stock Woes – How NetSuite Enhances the Customer Shopping Experience

No More Out-of-Stock Woes – How NetSuite Enhances the Customer Shopping Experience

Regarding e-commerce in the Philippines, out-of-stock frustrations are a common concern among customers, casting a shadow over their shopping experience and posing a threat to your business reputation. According to a survey by the Philippine Retailers Association, 62% of Filipino online shoppers have experienced out-of-stock issues, leading to dissatisfaction and potential loss of loyalty. Nevertheless, NetSuite emerges as a significant solution to this issue, offering dynamic features that enhance inventory management and, subsequently, the customer shopping experience. To understand what sets NetSuite apart in inventory management, read “Engaging with NetSuite: What Makes Their Inventory Management Stand Out?

Understanding the Problem

Retail businesses in the Philippines often grapple with the ‘out of stock’ dilemma, surfacing when demand exceeds supply or inventory management is ineffective. It’s a barrier in the customer’s shopping journey and a serious threat to customer retention and sales performance. This issue can have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond just a single lost sale.

Take the case of Juan, our hypothetical shopper from Metro Manila. He’s been eyeing the latest smartphone model from his preferred online store for weeks. One day, he finally decides to splurge, only to find it out of stock. Not only does he feel frustration, but he also experiences a sense of dissatisfaction towards the retailer. In this digital age, with a multitude of options at their fingertips, customers like Juan can easily shift their loyalty, costing retailers not just one sale, but potentially a lifetime of purchases. Furthermore, the negative sentiment might even be shared with others, amplifying the damage. In a nutshell, the out-of-stock issue can lead to a significant dip in customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and ultimately, revenue.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution that facilitates efficient business operations. It offers a broad range of solutions from finance and customer relationship management to e-commerce and inventory. Of particular note is its advanced inventory management system, a tool designed specifically to prevent problems like out-of-stock situations.

How NetSuite Solves the Out-of-Stock Problem

With its robust inventory management system, NetSuite is a game-changer for businesses struggling with out-of-stock issues. It addresses this problem by:

  • Offering Real-Time Visibility: NetSuite provides real-time visibility into inventory across multiple locations in the Philippines.
  • Enabling Immediate Inventory Updates: Following sales, inventory updates occur immediately, ensuring accuracy.

This level of inventory accuracy is crucial as it significantly enhances demand forecasting, allowing businesses to replenish their stocks before they run out.

Going back to our smartphone scenario, if the retailer were using NetSuite, they would receive real-time alerts when the stock level of their popular smartphone model is getting low. This would give them enough time to reorder and restock, ensuring the device is available when Juan finally decides to make his purchase. By preventing out-of-stock situations, NetSuite not only ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers but also helps maintain the health and reputation of the business.

For a broader perspective on why effective inventory management is crucial, see “Five Key Reasons You Need Better Inventory Management.”

Beyond addressing the ‘out of stock’ challenge, NetSuite offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the customer shopping experience. At the heart of this is the omnichannel commerce solution, ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience, whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device or in a physical store.

NetSuite’s CRM system is another significant feature. It keeps track of every customer interaction, enabling businesses to create targeted and personalised marketing campaigns. By understanding and catering to individual customer preferences, businesses can foster loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Moreover, NetSuite’s customer service module ensures efficient handling of all customer inquiries, complaints, and issues. It provides customer service representatives with a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling them to offer quick and effective resolutions. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to building a strong and loyal customer base.

With these features and more, NetSuite offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to elevate their customer shopping experience while efficiently managing their inventory. Explore “The E-commerce Guide to Seamless Inventory Tracking and Control” for more on efficient inventory management in e-commerce.


Out-of-stock situations are a significant hurdle in the e-commerce world, one that businesses in the Philippines cannot afford in this competitive landscape. With its advanced inventory management features, NetSuite provides a pathway for businesses to maintain an up-to-the-minute view of their inventory, predict demand accurately, avert out-of-stock scenarios, and ultimately enhance the overall shopping experience. It’s high time for businesses to bid farewell to out-of-stock woes and welcome satisfied, loyal customers.

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