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8 Key Traits to Look for in a NetSuite Partner

In the ever-evolving realm of business, choosing the right business management software is a critical choice that can significantly impact a company’s efficiency and profitability. That’s where NetSuite, as a trusted and holistic business management suite, comes into play.

NetSuite simplifies key processes, provides real-time business intelligence, and fosters company growth through automation and seamless implementation. However, the true potential of NetSuite is arguably best realised with the help of dedicated partners.

The Role of NetSuite Partners

NetSuite partners function as personalised consultants on your company’s digital transformation journey, streamlining NetSuite solutions to cater to unique business requirements. Catering to a wide array of business sizes, from SMEs to mid-sized enterprises, partners can mitigate common operational inefficiencies using their technical know-how and years of expertise.

What features does the NetSuite platform provide?

NetSuite’s comprehensive suite brims with features crucial for diverse business functions, such as:

  • Robust financial management capabilities combined with an integrated ERP system, endorsing efficient financial operations and enhanced data visibility.
  • A real-time inventory management system to maintain accurate stock levels.
  • An effective order management module for smooth order processing and sales improvement.
  • Tools for successful supply chain management, optimising procurement, work order management, and manufacturing processes.
  • An efficient warehouse management system to refine logistics and distribution strategies.

Collectively, these features provide a holistic solution for businesses aiming to optimise and streamline their operations.

Identifying the Key Qualities to Seek in a NetSuite Partner

When assessing a potential NetSuite partner, asking specific questions can help ascertain their alignment with your business objectives. These queries should cover their offered services, billing options, support and implementation procedures, technical expertise, and any certifications they possess. Below, we’ve distilled these considerations into eight crucial qualities you should pay attention to when selecting a NetSuite partner.

1. Experience and Expertise:

Expertise in a NetSuite partner is crucial, as their thorough understanding of the product suite and processes ensures optimised operational efficiency. Their knowledge of NetSuite best practices can facilitate successful task execution, ultimately driving measurable business growth and improved performance.

Prior successful implementations and a rich client history can be helpful indicators of a partner’s competence. Choosing a partner familiar with your industry can also ensure targeted and efficient problem-solving during the implementation phase.

2.Certifications and Training:

NetSuite certifications, acquired by partners, validate their understanding and proficiency in the suite’s application. More importantly, the frequency of partner’s team training sessions reflects their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments, a crucial factor in adapting to NetSuite’s constantly evolving platform.

3.Implementation Approach:

A commendable NetSuite partner will have a robust and clear approach to the implementation process. This approach, usually divided into several phases, should be customisable to cater to individual business needs.

4.Effective Communication and Project Management

Strides made during implementation can be nullified without efficient communication and project management. Regular updates, status reports, and a dedicated point of contact are pivotal in ensuring the project stays on track. Additionally, the project management tools used by the partner reflect their ability to handle and coordinate complex tasks efficiently.

5.After-Sales Support and Maintenance

Post-implementation support is as vital as the preliminary steps of implementation. A NetSuite partner’s support, coupled with the provision of ongoing training and resources, can ensure your team maximises the benefits of the implemented system.


Partners should provide an estimated timeline and cost for the implementation. It is also necessary to understand how a NetSuite partner handles unexpected challenges or delays that may affect the timeline or cost.

7.Credibility Check: References

To gain trust, reliable partners provide references from similar companies they have worked with, revealing their success stories and problem-solving abilities, which can build confidence in your choice.

8. Future-Proofing Your Business 

In a fast-paced business world, your NetSuite solution should be scalable alongside your business’s growth. Partners should demonstrate how they handle NetSuite updates and upgrades to ensure your system remains compatible and efficient.

Choose Jcurve as your NetSuite Partner 

Jcurve’s comprehensive suite of support services is a transformative asset for businesses. Our team, composed of highly skilled ERP professionals, is committed to ensuring that you’re not left alone to navigate the complexities of the learning curve. We’re always on hand to answer queries, resolve issues, and guide you towards the most effective use of your customised ERP solution.

A standout feature of Jcurve’s offerings is our Support Hub. This resource is brimming with detailed instructions, comprehensive documentation, and educational materials. This service significantly reduces the need for extensive internal IT training, making it an invaluable tool for users of all experience levels.

But our services extend beyond just support. We also specialise in creating bespoke solutions that address the unique aspects of your business. From training to data migration facilitation for seamless NetSuite module integration, we ensure a smooth implementation process.

One of our key differentiators is our proven track record. With over 1000 successful implementations under our belt, we have demonstrated our ability to deliver results consistently. Our team is the largest group of NetSuite-certified experts, further solidifying our position as leaders in the field.

Choosing Jcurve means choosing a partner who is dedicated to your successful digital transition. Our structured implementation, robust support, and unparalleled expertise set the stage for you to fully leverage the benefits of NetSuite ERP. This leads to streamlined operations, cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency.


It’s essential that businesses dive deep into research and make an informed choice about a NetSuite partner that aligns with their unique requirements and visions. Keeping a close eye on the discussed parameters can lead to a fruitful partnership that benefits your business for the long haul.

Should you need our assistance, feel free to connect with our team of NetSuite professionals. We are readily available to support you with software implementation, customisation, and implementation in the most effective way possible.

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