Go Live Essentials Delivery Inclusions

 Company Details


 Business Segmentation

 Accounting and tax periods

 Employee records

 Email and print setup


 Std. Dashboard

 Accounts Payable

 Accounts Receivable

 Multiple Currency

 General Ledger

 Asset Register

 BAS report

 Tax Setup

 Std. financial reports

 Migration of opening balances

 Customer Records

 Lead to Quote

 Order to cash

 Task Management


 Std. Sales reports

 Std. Sales Reminders

 Migration of Open orders

 Suplier records

 Procure to pay

 EFT payments (ACH)

 Direct (Drop) shipments

 Std. supplier reports

 Std. Purchase Reminders

 Migration of open PO’s

 Migration of open Bills

 Inventory items

 Non Inv. items

 Safety stock

 Re-order points

 Sales pricing

 Purchase costs

 Costing method selection

 Std. Inv. reports

 Std. Inv. Reminders

 Migrate current items

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