Benefits of using beverage & food distribution software

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Maintain traceability

Health conscious consumers demanding visibility into the raw ingredients that go into the products. As a wholesaler, traceability is vital, especially when importing from less developed countries.

For organic foods businesses, to be organically certified from production to the warehouse, you must maintain accurate traceability across your complete supply chain. JCurve ERP gives you a sophisticated inventory management system that enables traceability for your entire product range.


Reduce stock write offs

When it comes to fresh, quality food, customer expectations have never been higher. A lag in operations for food distribution can result in costly mistakes. It can lead to overproduction, product expiry or expensive write offs. It can also limit your ability to quickly replenish best-selling products, causing missed sales and reduced profitability.

JCurve ERP software lets you match your supply and demand with in-built functionality to predict trends and seasonality.

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Drive value

The health foods industry is facing increasing pricing pressure by retailers needing to buy at the best possible price.

By streamlining and automating your business processes, reducing operational costs and improving productivity, you can protect your profit margins and offer better prices.

What’s more, when you can accurately forecast sales and stock, you can make use of pricing quantity breaks from suppliers, for even better margins.

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Improve service

You can’t afford to miss out on business or leave customers waiting. Give your warehouse team access to a dashboard which shows them which orders need to get out of the door each day, prioritising the most important or urgent.

Let your customers track their order in in real-time so they know when to expect their delivery. And never miss an order, by allowing customers to order online 24/7.

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